Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle accidents result in injury or death far more often than automobile collisions, largely because motorcycles offer virtually no protection in a crash. Every year, motorcycle wrecks cause approximately 3,000 fatalities and thousands more injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Kopelman Sitton Law Group protects the rights of motorcyclists who have been injured in collisions caused by other vehicles, as well as by faulty traffic lights or signs, or roadway defects, including potholes. We have learned over the years that, despite a bias against motorcycles, the overwhelming majority of collisions are not caused by careless riders, but rather, are the result of drivers of cars, trucks and buses not keeping a proper lookout, or not respecting a motorcyclist’s equal right to the roadway.

Additionally, because motorcyclists often are seriously injured, it is not uncommon for investigating police officers only to get the other driver’s version of how the collision occurred. This can result in an innocent rider being blamed for a collision that was not his or her fault. In such situations, it is extremely important to preserve physical evidence and to locate and interview witnesses to ensure the victim’s side of the story is told, and the responsible party is held accountable. At KSLG, we utilize our expertise in handling motorcycle accident cases to ensure our clients will receive full compensation for their injuries, even if our clients cannot speak for themselves at the scene of the collision.