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Bicycles Accidents

Compared to other cities, Atlanta is still transitioning from an old-fashioned Southern town to an international city. As growth and density accelerate, more and more people are drawn to live/work communities and other residences within a short distance of their work, shopping areas, restaurants, movie theaters, parks and other places of entertainment. And with that trend there are more and more bicycles sharing the road as a means of alternative transportation. And, of course, there are the health conscious who use their bikes for exercise.

Despite its rush to cater to those big city desires, Atlanta has lagged woefully behind in creating safe bike lanes and those that do exist, are often marked with debris, potholes and uneven pavement. Bike riders are treated like second class citizens when it comes to transportation. But when it comes to the inevitable bike crashes, often with motorized vehicles, bike riders have legal rights equal to those of automobile occupants.

As with persons who are injured in automobile crashes, bicyclists are entitled to compensation for injuries they receive in a crash with a motorized vehicle and the bicyclist is not a fault. That is, of course, as long as the motorized vehicle has insurance.

While there have been strides in making Atlanta more bicycle-friendly, there are still some car drivers who are antagonistic about having to share the road with bicycles and who fail to heed the rules of the road. Again, bicyclists have equals rights to the road, as do operators of cars, trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and so forth.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a bicycle collision, don’t hesitate to call Kopelman Sitton at 404-351-5900. We can help you get the coverage you deserve!

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KSLG Lawyers Notch BIG Win for Georgia Homeowners


March 25, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Attorneys Win Class Certification on Behalf of Tens of Thousands of Georgia Homeowners

A team of lawyers, including Richard Kopelman and Clint Sitton, of Kopelman Sitton Law Group, LLC (KSLG), were successful in convincing a Federal Judge that State Farm Fire & Casualty Company – the largest homeowners insurance company in the country – must pay its customers for an appraisal of their property to determine whether their homes lost market value after sustaining damage (e.g., water damage, fire damage, foundation damage, mold, etc.).  Asked if he was surprised by the Court’s ruling, Mr. Sitton responded, “not at all, because an insurance company’s obligation to assess for diminished value has long been recognized in Georgia in the context of auto insurance, and it only makes sense to extend that requirement to homeowners insurance.  Auto and home policies contain virtually identical language, and for most folks the purchase of a home is the single greatest investment they will ever make.”

The judge’s ruling could affect an estimated 70,000 State Farm policyholders, and may have even greater and more far-reaching implications according to KSLG’s Richard Kopelman.  “Undoubtedly, this is a big win for State Farm policyholders, but the judge’s decision could impact tens, if not hundreds of thousands of additional Georgians who have their homeowners coverage with other companies like Allstate or Nationwide.  By requiring insurers to assess for diminished value, Georgia homeowners now have the opportunity to receive the full benefit of the insurance policies they’ve paid for, even if their claims already have been paid and closed.”

KSLG has filed similar lawsuits against a number of other insurance companies, and continues to accept cases on behalf of Georgia homeowners who have suffered damage to their homes.  Mr. Kopelman and Mr. Sitton can be reached at (404) 351-5900, or through the firm’s Web site:

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